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Post Construction


  • Conduct Owner orientation and Training of special construction items

  • Schedule and perform one (1) year warranty walkthrough

  • Follow our client’s Project Closeouts and Construction Documentation Requirements Process

  • Deliver the Following items:

  • As-built drawings (Red-Line Drawings)

  • Maintenance Logs

  • Provide all Warranty Documentation

  • All of this is delivered bound (physically) and digitally


  • Create Contractor/Owner punch list

  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy

  • Maintain and receive final lien waivers from:

  • Subcontractors

  • Second & Third Tier Sub-Contractors

  • Material Suppliers

Site Evaluation:

  • Building evaluation and testing (asbestos, etc)

  • Budgeting and comparisons

  • Long-term operational and maintenance cost estimates

  • Municipality code and ordinance impact

  • Future growth and expansion possibilities

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